Using Zoom Zones

If you use our Seating Extension – your venue may have a complex Seating Chart with many different sections, and it is for these situations that Zoom Zones can really help

The example I will use below to illustrate how they are set up is actually quite a simple chart – but it will show you how they work

Let’s consider the following chart:


We can create three Zoom Zones on this chart – one for each seating section

Within the Seating Chart editor – click on the Zoom Zone Tool at the bottom on the right hand toolbar


Now draw a box around the seats that you want to be part of the first Zoom Zone


Next – click on the Zoom Zone to select it – and in the Properties Box that appears on the right set the “Fill Color” (I suggest using a similar color to that you are using for the seats), and then within the Advanced Properties set the “Fill Transparency” to be 0.1


This will make the section you are working on look like this:


Now create Zoom Zones for the other two sections


When you have created your Event that uses this seating chart – your customers will see this when they select that Event from your Event Calendar


You’ll notice that each section has light blue shading in the background – this shows the Zoom Zone

If a customer on your site clicks on the shaded area of the “WEST SECTION” – the screen will immediately zoom in to it