Using OpenTickets to Sell Tickets for a Formal Dinner

The most obvious use of OpenTickets is for selling tickets to performance Events of one kind or another – but using our Seating Extension opens up many more possibilities

If you are holding a formal dinner of some kind and want to sell tickets for designated seats around a series of tables – this is easy to do

First create a new Seating Chart – and then import the background image for your table(s) that you wish to use


Next – pick a color for the seat overlay, and select the Circle Drawing Tool


Now using the Circle Tool carefully draw your first seat over number 1
Within its Properties settings assign it a Seat Number, Capacity and set the opacity to 0.5


Repeat these steps for all of the other seats


Next associate the chart with the venue it will be used for and create one or more pricing structures for it


Now create the Dinner Event


When your customers go to the Event Page they will be able to purchase the seat at whatever table they want