Using OpenTickets for Non-Revenue Events

You will all be familiar with using OpenTickets to sell tickets to Events that you are putting on, and managing the income that they bring in – but have you ever given thought to the fact that it can also be easily used for free Events where no money is involved?

Some of you may have already considered this – but OpenTickets can be used for managing the ticket inventory for things like free concerts – or meetings held in Venues where you need to carefully manage the number of tickets you have available

Consider the following example:

You are a club of some kind that has hired a small room to hold a special meeting – but the number of people that the room can accomodate according to fire regulations is less than the total number of your members. Now in all likelihood – not everybody will want to come along, but you need to make sure that you don’t exceed the room’s maximum capacity

The first thing you are going to need to do is create a Ticket Product for the Meeting, and assign it a “Regular Price” of $0


Next – ensure that you have an Event Area that is set up to use this ticket


Next – set up the Meeting Event


Note – we have restricted each transaction to purchasing two tickets

You may want to create a descriptive page about the meeting on your club website, explaining that anyone wanting to attend the meeting should go to the Event Page and select tickets as if they were purchasing them, whilst noting that their cost is being shown as zero


Having reserved the number of tickets a club member needs – if they then proceed to the Shopping Cart they can checkout without paying any money, and have the email with the link to those tickets sent to them




Using OpenTickets in this way you have the ability to carefully manage your ticket inventory whilst  at the same time – via the Attendees Report – being able to see exactly who is planning to come to your meeting