Technique for Withholding some Tickets from Sale

Normally when Events go up on your site, all seats are automatically made available for sale.

However – there may be circumstances when you’d like to reserve a number of specific seats for sale by designated customers, and keep them out of the general pool.

In conjunction with our Box Office Extension – this is one way that this can be accomplished.

To do this – the Event in question will need its own dedicated Seating Chart – and this can easily be done by copying the regular chart using our Export/Import facilities.

The first thing you are going to need to do is to Export the current live chart for the Venue Area. In the left hand panel click on “Event Areas” and locate the chart in question. With the mouse hovered over the name of the chart, a number of options will pop up.


Click on “Export“.

Next – under the “Event Areas” heading – select the sub-option “Import“.

This will bring up the Media Library screen, and from here you select “Upload Files”, and select the file containing the Export of the chart that has just been downloaded to your computer and click “Select“.



Then click the “Import Charts” button.


Next, in the left hand panel click on “All Event Areas”, and you will see the chart you just copied at the top of the list – select it.


Having selected it – first rename it to give it a unique and distinctive name, assign the Venue Name it will be associated with and then use the Marquee Mass Selection Tool to select the seats you want to withhold from sale – in this case all seats in Row A of the North Section.


With those seats selected – a Properties Box will pop up on the bottom right hand side – change the “Capacity” setting from 1 to 0.


Create your Event – remembering to assign the special Seating Chart you have just created:


When viewing this Event on your website, with the mouse hovered over seats in Row B – you will see their availability and ticket prices –


However – if you hover the mouse over any seat in Row A (apologies for the screen capture not showing the mouse pointer here) – no details are shown and it is not selectable by the customer.


When you want to actually sell these seats to the customers you have pre-designated – edit the special Seating Chart you created, select the seat (or seats) you now are ready to sell – and change their “Capacity” fields back to 1.


Once done – go to the WooCommerce “Orders” page and use the facilities provided by our Box Office Extension  to sell the seat(s) to the intended, pre-designated Customers (before the general public sees that they are available).