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Teacher Feature: Carla Tanz

An Inclusive, Approachable and Adaptable Teacher

In many ways, Carla Tanz is a typical New Yorker — juggling more than seems possible, and yet she manages to make it work. Carla is the mother of two sons—Max & Ari—a wife, a friend, a successful entrepreneur, and a yoga teacher, who has been trained in Yoga Therapeutics, Restorative & Yin, and Children’s Yoga beyond her initial 200hr training! And despite her many external successes, Carla is rooted in heart and home. She finds inspiration in her family and teachers such as Jillian Pransky, not to mention everyone she meets. “Living in NYC every day I see people on the street who inspire me,” Carla says. “Someone helping another person cross the street. Or watching someone blind navigate NYC. Inspiration is everywhere! It is all about how I look at things.”

Carla never underestimates the positive ways in which her yoga practice nourishes her mind, body, and spirit, ultimately fueling her with the energy and outlook she needs to fulfill the demands of her busy life.


Carla Tanz“One can relax frequently and still be achiever. Who knew?” Carla says with a healthy dose of humor. So it’s no surprise that she enjoys teaching yoga basics, vinyasa, therapeutics, and restorative, all infused with plenty of fun and relaxation! Her authenticity is refreshing. She’s the first to admit her teaching stems from her own learning. “After spending most of my life striving and achieving I am playing more and more with giving myself permission to relax.” You will find her inclusive, approachable and adaptable teaching style inspiring—the best teachers teach from their own experience and still make you the center of your own practice. 

Here at Five Pillars, we could not agree more with just how powerful a consistent yoga practice and mindful lifestyle can be, so it’s wonderful Carla is has continued to offer her classes on Zoom throughout the pandemic. Her capacity to adapt and evolve with the times is inspiring.

Join her on Zoom Mondays 8:30AM for Vinyasa, 12PM for Yoga Basics, and subbing Yoga Therapeutics Thursday 5/27 at 12PM.


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