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Five Pillars Closure

“We must accept infinite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.




We are saddened and disappointed, but with acceptance we write to share that we will not be reopening our studio in the city. 

With all the events in our country and frankly the entire world it’s been a life changing/shifting time for many of us. We had hoped we would weather the Covid storm, but with untenable rents in the city, we simply can’t afford to reopen. 

It was a magical and fulfilling time while it lasted. We are grateful to have shared in such meaningful time with you and to have contributed in our own small way to the happiness and wellness of our community. We are grateful to all those we met along the Five Pillars path.

But now for some good news! Erika and Olga will continue as independent yoga teachers offering Zoom and In-Person Privates providing their expertise and wisdom. 

And as for the rest of the team: Karen is exploring what her next endeavor will be, and is excited to find it. Nicole will prioritize her time with her new family addition and David will be found creating beautiful landscape design projects in the Hamptons. Many of our wonderful teachers that have taught over Zoom can also be contacted personally.

We wish everyone well and know even if we are not in our beautiful Madison avenue sanctuary holding space with you, we will always feel an intangible connection.

With love,

The Five Pillars Team


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