OpenTickets – General Admission Multiple Pricing (GAMP)

OpenTickets – General Admission Multiple Pricing (GAMP) is a plugin that allows you to select multiple prices for GENERAL ADMISSION EVENTS, eg: (Adult-$10/Child-$5/Senior-$7). This creates ticket options flexibility for the admin user and provides the customer the opportunity to easily purchase multiple tickets in one quick checkout.

GAMP also provides you the ability to select multiple pricing templates for a single event area. This means for an event with multiple showings at a single venue, you can provide different pricing template options for day shows as well as night shows.

Eg: Day Show Tickets Price (Adult-$10/Child-$5/Senior-$7) / Night Show Ticket Price (Adult-$15/Child-$8/Senior-$10)


  • Create General Admission Tier Ticket Pricing
  • Offer customers the opportunity to purchase various tickets tiers in one checkout process
  • Create General Admission Tier Ticket Prices Templates for single and recurring Events
  • Easily add pricing templates to Venue Event Area

VIDEO Instructions for GAMP plugin on our Videos Page

No Seating Chart is Provided.  GAMP Plugin is for General Admission Tier Pricing ONLY.

  • Author: Quadshot Software LLC
  • Author Website:
  • Main File: qsot-ga-multi-price/qsot-ga-multi-price.php
  • Rating:
  • Active Installs: 100
  • Requires a License: Yes
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