OpenTickets – Display Options

The Display Options Extension enables several ways to display your Events and the Tickets for sale on your WordPress website.

There is a Display Options video to show how it works.

Once installed, there is a new ‘Settings’ tab, called ‘Display Options’, which controls the various features.

You can:

  • allow events to show in the WooCommerce Shop experience, as if they were products
  • use a shortcode to display upcoming events
  • use a shortcode to display a featured event
  • use a widget to display upcoming events
  • use a widget to display a featured event

These can be access via the Add Media tab also to add options to any Page. The format can be either ‘list’ or ‘table’, with several options.

Here are some examples of shortcodes enabled with this Extension.

[upcoming-events format=”list” limit=”10″ parent_id=”1″ after=”now” before=”next year” show_image=”1″ date_format=”m-d-Y @ h:ia” time_format=”h:ia” meta=”date,price,availability” columns=”title,date,price,availability”]

[featured-event format=”list” id=”1,2,3″ show_image=”1″ date_format=”m-d-Y @ h:ia” time_format=”h:ia” meta=”date,price,availability”]

  • Author: Quadshot Software LLC
  • Author Website:
  • Main File: qsot-display-options/qsot-display-options.php
  • Rating:
  • Active Installs: 100
  • Requires a License: Yes
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