OpenTickets – Box Office

Virtual Box Office (VBO) turns your computer into a box office terminal. You can sell tickets (Reserved, with the Seating plugin, or General Admission) and take payments directly in the Admin.

Also, it keeps an audit log of various actions that happen over the course of an order’s history, in an audit log, which is displayed on the edit order screen.

It additionally provides the use of 3 ‘admin only’ payment methods- in-house cash, in-house check, and in-house other. These can only be used by Admin users.

See how this can help you in our video tutorials.

  • Author: Quadshot Software LLC
  • Author Website:
  • Main File: qsot-box-office/qsot-box-office.php
  • Rating:
  • Active Installs: 100
  • Requires a License: Yes
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