Setting your Event Capacity Correctly

When you create an Event in OpenTickets – you will almost always have a fixed number of tickets that you will want and be able to sell

A number of customers have been making the mistake of trying to use the built in Inventory Control that comes with WooCommerce – this doesn’t work at all well for Events

The reason you shouldn’t use this is that capacities within the inventory will be set for each ticket (WooCommerce Product) that you create. Let’s suppose you create a standard $25 ticket as a WooCommerce Product that is going to be used for many different events. Each time a $25 ticket is sold – the available inventory for ALL Events that use it will be reduced by one, so as some have found out – this can mean an Event that still actually has seats available shows up as “Sold Out” on your Event Calendar

There are two places in OpenTickets where you can set the max capacity for an Event, and the number of tickets that you are willing to sell

If you are using OpenTickets WITHOUT our Seating Extension – the place the capacity is set is within the Venue Area you have defined, and that you will specify when you set up your Event




If you are using our Seating Extension – capacity is determined by adding the “Capacity” fields assigned to each seat you have created (normally each seat will have 1 assigned, unless you are using Seating to create an area eg for a festival) rather than an individual seat


Please be sure to use these two methods to assign your Event’s capacity and not WooCommerce Inventory Management