Setting Differential Pricing with Seating

In the previous Blog-Post we showed you how our Seating Extension could help you sell assigned seats for any Event you were holding.

In that example we had three different ticket prices available for all seats at the Event – a regular price, one for seniors and one for children – all of which could be verified when customers “checked-in”.

However – many venues do not have the same price tickets for ALL of their seats. Furthermore – they may want to use totally different pricing for matinee performances. This is something that our Seating Extension does easily for you.

Pricing is essentially set by creating a named “Pricing Structure” containing one or more ticket types, and then assigning that structure to an individual Event.

Here is the pricing structure that had been created for Evening Performances, showing the three ticket types available.


Let’s assume that for Matinee Performance there will be just a single ticket available at $15. This is accomplished by creating a second Pricing Structure containing just that lower priced ticket. This can then be assigned for any Matinee Events on your Calendar.


Now we come to the situation where you want to assign different pricing for the seats you have available – a common requirement for many venues….

With the facilities built into to the Seating Extension – you can assign differential pricing at the individual seat level if you so desire – but it is more common to do this for a specific block of seats.

For the purposes of this example, lets suppose that we want to charge a premium price for any seat in the first four rows.

This is how we accomplish this:

First using the Marquee (Mass Selection) Tool – we select all seats in those first four rows:


Next – in the properties box in the lower right-hand side of the screen we click the link marked “customize pricing”:


Selecting the “Evening” Pricing Structure we first remove the existing tickets in that group –


– and then clicking in the ‘Tickets in Struct’ area, assign the higher priced $65 “Premium Ticket”:

This means that for an Event that has the Evening ‘Pricing Structure” assigned – seats in the first four rows will be for sale at our higher price, whilst others have the previously assigned tickets available: