Setting Differential Pricing for Seats

When creating a Seating Chart for your venue – you can assign a default ticket for the entire chart if you so wish

However – in reality life is rarely as simple as this!

Much more likely is that different parts of the auditorium will have different pricing, with seats at the front being more expensive than those at  the back – and the tools built into our Seating Extension handle this very well

Consider the following list of Ticket Products:


Let us suppose that our auditorium is in three sections – and each of those sections has a different priced ticket associated with it

The brown seats at the back will be priced at $25

The green seats in  the middle at $35

The blues seats at the front at $45


First – let us assign a “default” ticket and price which we can associate with the brown seats at the rear of the auditorium

This is managed by creating a “Pricing Structure and assigning it a particular ticket


Here we have created a Price Structure called “LA001” (A convention I have found it useful to use is giving the structure name the initial letters of the Seating Chart it is to be associate with – in this case “Large Auditorium”)

This structure has been assigned our entry level ticket priced at $25, which will be used for the brown seats at the rear

To assign different tickets to other seats – this is where our “customize pricing” tool comes into play

We can select one seat to apply this to (so each seat could be priced with its own ticket if that were needed), or we can select a group of seats (which is more likely and useful)

Let’s select all of the green seats, and we do this using the Marquee Mass Selection tool, and then click “customize pricing” in the Properties Box


Make sure the “Yes” box asking you if you are sure you want to customize pricing for these zones is checked, select the Price Structure whose default ticket you will be changing – and then remove it by clicking its ‘x’ symbol within the box marked “Tickets in Struct”


Once the default ticket has been removed, click again in that box to bring up a list of other tickets that can be assigned


For these brown seats which have been selected – assign the “$35 Ticket”



Click the ‘x’ at the top of the box to close it – and then use the Marquee Tool to select all of the blue seats


Once again  click “customize pricing” within the Properties Box, remove the assigned default ticket and assign the $45 Ticket


Having done this – your differential seat pricing will have been assigned as you required