Selling Tickets in Person

OpenTickets Community Edition has been designed to allow customers to buy tickets for your Events online from your website, however – there may be occasions when you’d like to be able to manually sell your tickets

This could be from a physical location like a box office, or over the phone, perhaps to older customers who are uncomfortable buying anything online

Should this be the case, our Box Office Extension can help with this

After you activate the Plugin you will notice a number of new payment options that are available in WooCommerce

If you go to WooCommerce / Settings / Checkout – there are three new payment methods that are available for you to use with Box Office, two of which have been selected in the screenshot below


To initiate a ticket sale yourself – you need to go to WooCommerce / Orders / Add Order


First you need to assign a Customer for the order. If they are an existing customer within your system – locate their record by clicking in the Customer field, and entering at least three characters of their name


With the customer name and email address shown – click on the one you want to use (if several customers are retrieved by your search) and it will be selected

If it is a new customer – click the “new” link above the customer search box and enter the basic details and click “Create New User


On the next screen you will see those basic details – and will have an opportunity to complete other fields associated with this customer


Having entered all of the customer’s details – you now need to select the ticket or tickets for their Event – to do this scroll down to the Order Items section and click on “Add line item(s)



This will result in the following options appearing – click on “Add Tickets


Having done this – you will be presented with your Event Calendar – from which you should choose the one they want tickets for

This will bring up the following Event screen where the number of tickets they want to purchase can be selected


Click the “Add Tickets” button, and it will confirm that they have been added. Close the window by clicking its ‘X‘ icon at the top right hand side – and you will see them brought into the Order


Click “Save” to save the order item, and then “Calculate Taxes” (if appropriate) – and finally “Calculate Total

This will result in a total cost for this order being shown


Scroll to the top right of the screen and click “Save Order

With this done – you need to take care of payment, in the case of this customer they are paying you in cash

Click the “Accept Payment” button near the top of the right hand pane


This brings up the following screen where you need to select the payment method being used and click “Pay for order

The Order is now complete