Seating – Using the Chart

Using the Seating Chart

Instructional Video

In order to associate a seating chart you have previously created with a new Event you are adding – the first thing you need to do is to link the chart with a specific venue.

  1. When editing the seating chart you want to use – in the top right-hand corner of the screen you will see a metabox for “Venue“. Within this drop-down box please select the venue that this chart will be associated with.UseChart1
  2. You are now ready to “Publish” the Seating Chart.
  3. In the left hand panel of the Dashboard – click on “Events“, then “Add Event“.
  4. First – you will need to set up the Event Venue and Date/Time of the Event as detailed on our Creating your first Event page details.
  5. Using standard ‘selection techniques’ (eg: “shift” to select adjacent items, “cmd/ctrl” to select individual items), select any number of your event showings.
  6. On the right hand side of the list, some basic settings will appear. Adjust the settings accordingly.
  7. Status – determines whether the Event is published on your Event Calendar.
  8. Visibility – determines who can see the showing, and where it appears.
  9. Publish Date – can be used to either show the Event immediately, or schedule publication for a later date.
  10. Venue – the “Venue” in which the showing is taking place.
  11. Event Area – this allows you to select a particular seating chart.
  12. Pricing Structure – allows you to select the pricing structure you want to use for this event, remembering that you can use this to set different prices on different days.
  13. Click the blue ‘Publish‘ button in the upper right metabox.

You should now spend some time testing the Event you just created by selecting it from the Event Calendar and ensuring that seats can be selected, are then shown as unavailable – and can also be released if needed.