Seating – Pricing the Seats

Pricing the Seats on you Seating Chart

Seating –  Pricing Seats

Having drawn and named all the seats on your chart – you now need to set prices for them.

With the tools we make available with the Seating Extension you can set a number of default prices for ALL seats on the chart, and then over-ride this for specific seats or groups of seats.


  1. When you are editing a particular seating chart – scroll down and on the right-hand side you will see the metabox for Pricing Structures.Click on “New” – and assign it a structure name. You will then see this name reflected in what shows under the heading “Price Struct
  2. Click in the box labeled -“Tickets in Struct“, you will be presented with all the tickets that have been defined – select a particular ticket price.
  3. If you need more than one price assigned – click in the empty space to the right of the ticket selected and add another ticket price.This sets the “default” pricing for tickets for all seats on this chart.


  4. To over-ride this for a specific seat –  select the seat in question – and in the Properties Box for that seat click on “customize pricing“.
  5. Check the box labeled “Yes” to confirm that you want to set customized pricing for this seat.
    Remove the existing ticket prices that are set.
    Click inside the box for “Tickets in Struct” to replace them with new ticket prices.
    Click the ‘x‘ symbol at the top right hands side of the box to close it and save your changes.
    The ticket prices for this particular seat will have been changed, and Customized pricing is now set.


  6. To set customized pricing for a range of seats – for example, you might want to set the ticket price for the first two rows higher than for all other seats – use the Mass Selection Marquee too to select all of the seats you want to customize pricing for, and then repeat step 5 above.
  7. You can create multiple pricing structures for the same seating chart.One may be for regular evening performances, and one may offer cheaper tickets for matinees.