Seating – Drawing the Seats

Drawing the Seats on your Seating Chart

Seating – Drawing Seats

Note – Seating and GAMP are mutually exclusive, so if you had previously been using GAMP you will need to Deactivate and remove it before using our Seating Extension.

Click on the “Seating Charts” link in the left hand panel of your WordPress Dashboard, and then click “Add New”.

  1. From the left-hand toolbar click on the icon that allows you to set the Fill Color of the Seats you want to draw.
  2. Import a background image – over which you are going to draw the overlay of your seats using this icon.
  3. Select one of the shape tools [Square / Circle / Rectangle] to match your Seating Chart’s needs.
    If using the Square Shape tool – starting at the top left hand corner of the underlying seat image – hold down the left mouse button and draw the seat.


  4. Click on the seat you have just drawn to select it.
    On the right hand side of the screen a Properties Box will pop up.
    Expand the Properties Box by clicking “Show Advanced”
  5. Within the expanded Properties Box –
    – Set the Capacity of the seat to 1
    – Set the “Fill Transparency” to be 0.5
    – Select the color you want displayed for seats that are taken and unavailable
    – Set the “Fill Transparency” to be 0.5
  6. You now need to copy this seat so that it overlays all of the other seats on your chart.
  7. With the seat selected – to copy the seat to the right:
    [On a PC] – Hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and press the right arrow cursor movement key.
    [On a Mac] – Hold down Cmd+Shift+Alt and press the right arrow cursor movement key.
    Once the seat has been copied – use the arrow cursor keys to move it so it exactly overlaps the underlying seat image.
    Repeat this process three times until you have four seats drawn.
    You should now have four seats drawn.
  8. From the left-hand toolbar click on the multi-select Marquee tool.
    Draw a box around the four seats until they are all selected as one object:

    Selected 2

  9. Use the same method as in step 8 above to copy these four seats until the row is filled.
  10. Once all seats in the row have been created – select them all with the Marquee tool, and copy them downwards by using Ctrl-Shift-Alt plus the down cursor movement key.

    Selected 3

  11. Repeat the process until all rows have their seats defined.