Season Passes

 Season Passes

The provision of Season Passes is an additional feature of our Coupons Plugin

The Season Pass is sold to your customers as a Product on your site’s WooCommerce Shop page

To set it up – from the Dashboard click on WooCommerce / Products / Add Product

Name the Product something like “Season Pass“, and in the Product Data settings ensure that the box for “Create Coupon:” is checked, set the price you plan to sell the pass for and select a Product Image


Next – click on the “Coupon” link at the bottom of the list on the left

Customers who purchase this will be emailed a Coupon Code that they can use during the checkout process

The top group of settings can be used to help determine how that code is generated

The first setting that you will need to reset is “Discount Type

This should be set to “Cart % Discount” – and the Coupon Amount below should be set to 100

Next – you probably want to set the “Expiry date formula

There are instructions on how you can set this – but if for example you simply wanted to have it expire at year’s end – then using ‘2015 eoy‘ would be all you needed for this field


Next click on “Usage Limits” and set the total number of times the Season Pass can be used. In this example we have a three month season where one play is being performed on four Saturdays of each month, so in order to allow the buyer to see one performance of each we need to set “Usage limit per coupon” to 3


Next click on the horizontal menu item “Event Limits

The first thing you need to do here is to select the Events that you want this particular Season Pass to be valid for

Do you want to restrict its use to certain performances only – or do you want to allow it to be used to book any performance of the run of an Event? In this example we are going to allow the customer to see one performance of each play being done

In the “Only Specific Events” box click where it says “Search for an event…

Enter two or more characters from the event name. In this example our Events are Macbeth, The Tempest and King Lear, so start by entering ‘ma

Select “All Macbeth Events


In the space beneath what you have selected click once more and repeat the process by typing in ‘te‘ for The Tempest and ‘ki‘ for King Lear. You should end up with a screen that looks like this


Now we need to set that the pass can be used for one performance of each Event

In the area below click on the button marked “Add Limitation

In the Search for event box repeat what you did above in order to be able to select “All Macbeth Events” and leave the Max Qty field set to 1

Repeat this adding the limitation for The Tempest and King Lear and you will end up with a box looking like this:


Having done this click the blue “Publish” button and your Season Pass will be available from your site’s WooCommerce SHOP page