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Virtual Box Office (Annual License)


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Product Description

Virtual Box Office (VBO) turns your computer into a box office terminal. You can sell tickets (Reserved, with the Seating plugin, or General Admission) and take payments directly in the Admin.

Also, it keeps an audit log of various actions that happen over the course of an order’s history, in an audit log, which is displayed on the edit order screen.

It additionally provides the use of 3 ‘admin only’ payment methods- in-house cash, in-house check, and in-house other. These can only be used by Admin users.

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Note: OpenTickets Community, Enterprise and Extensions require WordPress and WooCommerce to operate. If you do not have a website with those open-source software packages, please Contact Us for hosted installation options.

2.2.0 – Mar/12/2018

  • [fix] compatibility changes for latest WC, including custom payment gateways

2.1.2 – Oct/11/2017

  • [fix] changed name of static method to be compatible with wc 3.2

2.1.1 – Apr/28/2017

  • [tweak] updating admin users to be able to accept payments on OTHER PPL’S orders

2.1.0 – Apr/25/2017

  • [tweak] updated WC3 compatibility
  • [tweak] adjusted admin only gateways to allow admin only gateway payments in the admin via the frontend interface
  • [new] changed how admin payments are processed, so that more payment methods can be accepted

2.0.3 – Feb/18/2016

  • [new] now works with Stripe, and other javascript takeover based payment gateways
  • [tweak] scrolls to the bottom of the payment box after each step of payment process

2.0.2 – Jan/25/2016

  • [tweak] changed call to payment list in payment box to be compatible with the latest WC version

2.0.1 – Jan/21/2016

  • [new] code changes to make compatible with qTranslate

2.0.0 – Dec/16/2015

  • [tweak] code changes so that make this extension work with the new OTCE 2.0.0 template rules


  • [tweak] adding an exceptions list to payment gateways allowed in admin


  • [new] added readme.txt for plugin description


  • [tweak] change gateway load order for new WC version


  • [tweak] minor changes to allow Windows Server compatibility


  • older changelog entries omitted