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Seating Charts (Annual License)



Product Description

Seating Charts have never been easier

Create, manage and edit your own seating charts with this OpenTickets Community Extension – Seating.

  • Create and manage seating charts
  • Using simple tools, set colors, prices, layouts and more
  • Seating numbering made easy through automation
  • Your charts will be mobile friendly for your customers!
  • Create reserved seating, zone seating, GA.. or any combination!

You can see how easy it is in our video tutorials.


Note: OpenTickets Community, Enterprise and Extensions require WordPress and WooCommerce to operate. If you do not have a website with those open-source software packages, please Contact Us for hosted installation options.

2.7.3 – Feb/17/2019

  • [fix] repairs bug in auto-release code that runs on every page load. resolves tickets being taken forever that were never finalized
  • [fix] repairs advanced-tools screen to allow release of seats in the ‘interest’ state
  • [compatibility] minor changes to enable WP 4.9.9 compatibility

2.7.2 – Oct/13/2017

  • [compatibility] more changes for WC compatibility, for displaying zone information to frontend user

2.7.1 – Jun/22/2017

  • [compatibility] WC changed again. updating code for 3.2
  • [tweak] making changes to enable family tickets
  • [fix] repaired multi-select double booking issue in admin

2.7.0 – Jun/02/2017

  • [new] added multi seat select feature to the admin edit order screen
  • [fix] fixed bug where seating chart caches were not getting blown out completely on save of seating chart
  • [fix] fixed display issue of selected prices when using customize pricing modal

2.6.2 – May/05/2017

  • [tweak] fixing gltich where seating chart has selectable seats that should not be selectable, for a half second in the edit-order screen

2.6.1 – Apr/28/2017

  • [tweak] adjusting select2 z-index

2.6.0 – Apr/25/2017

  • [tweak] updated compatibility with WC3
  • [tweak] updating customize pricing to work with WC3
  • [new] added feature to frontend seating chart to autoscale/autosize the chart based on the elements in the chart

2.5.0 – Mar/16/2017

  • [new] enabled leveraging of memcache plugin if available
  • [tweak] optimization for seating charts with highly customized pricing
  • [tweak] optimization for loading occupied seat data on charts
  • [tweak] sped up admin chart loading
  • [tweak] creating a cache key (of pricing struct cache) for each role level, to work around private ticket type issue
  • [fix] corrected issue with seating chart cache

2.4.6 – Nov/28/2016

  • [tweak] patch to solve ‘Bridge’ theme compatibility issue

2.4.5 – Nov/23/2016

  • [tweak] tweaked event creation interface to not show ‘pricing structure’ when the chosen event area does not support pricing structures (like ga events)
  • [fix] fixed issue where sometimes the ‘event area’ would be displayed as ‘0’ during event creation.

2.4.4 – Nov/14/2016

  • [tweak] fixing ‘Could not load that event, because it has an invalid event area type.’ error on seating chart events

2.4.3 – Nov/7/2016

  • [tweak] adding merging OTCE core translations with admin interface translations

2.4.2 – Oct/28/2016

  • [fix] resolved admin reservation interface seat loading issue

2.4.1 – Oct/27/2016

  • [fix] solved edge case scenario where removing tickets in cart was sometimes not removing reservations in db

2.4.0 – Oct/26/2016

  • [new] all seating chart occupancy data is now loaded via ajax, to work around caching
  • [tweak] in some cases Chrome users were able to inadvertantly remove their own tickets, because Chrome served them a cached version of a page. change code to ban this from happening
  • [fix] repaired bug in admin where confirmation message was shown when event is first selected

2.3.2 – Oct/10/2016

  • [tweak] now preventing ‘Undo?’ message from showing when a seated event ticket is removed from cart
  • [fix] repaired javascript problem that sometimes occurred while selecting seats for certain events in the admin create order screen

2.3.1 – Sept/28/2016

  • [fix] repaired issue where in some cases the ‘seated event’ ticket limit function was being applied to ‘non-seated events’

2.3.0 – Sept/26/2016

  • [new] added support for the Table Service plugin
  • [new] added hooks for certain manipulating certain parts of the UI
  • [fix] couple bugs with drawing tool in seating chart creation flow

2.2.0 – June/16/2016

  • [new] added private ticket compatibility to seated events
  • [translations] updated language files with new strings
  • [tweak] changed style of ‘proceed to cart’ button, so that it matches community equivalent
  • [tweak] when adding seats to an order via the admin, the remaining tickets count now updates as seats are selected
  • [fix] repaired overlay bug in ticket selection tool, where sometimes the overlay would not get removed
  • [fix] repaired a bug where seat-customized pricing was not working in some cases
  • [fix] repaired edge case where in a user could overbook an event
  • [fix] repaired edge case where the admin javascript could produce and infinite loop
  • [fix] minor code tweaks to prevent php warnings in some cases

2.1.5 – March/29/2016

  • [improvement] better error messages on denied reservations
  • [improvement] added ability to have private ticket types
  • [fix] repaired purchase limit logic on seated events
  • [fix] repaired ‘remove customized pricing’ flow in edit event page
  • [fix] repaired glitch in ticket selection ui overlay when using one click ticket selection

2.1.4 – March/23/2016

  • [tweak] updated mouse location detection so that drawing and selection are directly under the mouse pointer now
  • [fix] repaired copy paste bug (with ctrl/cmd-c and ctrl/cmd-v) where new zones were deleted upon chart save
  • [fix] changed logic to clear all seating chart cache upon save. was causing a problem when memcache plugin was used

2.1.3 – March/10/2016

  • [fix] corrected seating chart editor color selection box position
  • [fix] fixed pattern naming bug with ‘tall’ zones

2.1.2 – Mar/9/2016

  • [tweak] added back button to new tools
  • [fix] corrected wording on new tools

2.1.1 – Mar/8/2016

  • [new] two new tools to help with older version migrations
  • [tweak] updated resync tool for seated events
  • [tweak] changed ticket selection logic to choose proper template
  • [fix] corrected template button label

2.1.0 – Feb/25/2016

  • [new] all tickets attached to non-cancelled orders are considered ‘confirmed’ now
  • [new] order cancellation message includes all information about tickets that were cancelled for historical value
  • [new] new admin setting for the time length of the ‘interest’ phase of ticket selection
  • [tweak] adjusted output of new tool
  • [tweak] adjusted the reported tickets statuses on the attendee report
  • [fix] corrected an edgecase overbooking bug that could happen during admin order creation
  • [fix] corrected the admin ticket selection modal blocking bug
  • [fix] corrected a template warning in the seating chart output

2.0.14 – Feb/18/2016

  • [new] added tool to clear out seating and pricing cached data
  • [fix] repaired custom pricing save and load bugs

2.0.13 – Feb/16/2016

  • [tweak] re-added the one-click option for seated events
  • [fix] repaired new pricing save bug

2.0.12 – Feb/12/2016

  • [new] added Seat/Zone column to attendee report

2.0.11 – Feb/10/2016

  • [fix] resolved issue where zoom buttons and sometimes entire chart were not rendered
  • [tweak] changed how memcache is leveraged when available, for pricing lookups

2.0.10 – Jan/25/2016

  • [fix] resolved edgecase bug where selecting multiple zone seats, then selecting a single seated seat caused a reservation error

2.0.9 – Jan/13/2016

  • [fix] corrected an edgecase bug that in some cases allowed booking of more tickets than were available

2.0.8 – Jan/08/2016

  • [tweak] updated the import export process to work with 2.0.x structure

2.0.7 – Jan/06/2016

  • [fix] repaired system-status resync tool when used with seating
  • [fix] repaired checkin process for seated events

2.0.6 – Dec/31/2015

  • [new] added code to handle seated events on advanced tools

2.0.5 – Dec/22/2015

  • [tweak] changed logic so that capacity 1 zones do not ask how many
  • [fix] repaired reserve quantity more than 1 reservation / cart bug
  • [fix] repaired ticket selection UI update upon reservation removal

2.0.4 – Dec/21/2015

  • [fix] repaired ticket selection error

2.0.3 – Dec/21/2015

  • [new] added several new filters for modifying zone lookups and such
  • [tweak] several tweaks added so that invite a friend will work
  • [fix] remove much of the js debug
  • [fix] added the frontend template for displaying status messages

2.0.2 – Dec/18/2015

  • [fix] repaired zoom icon alignment when custom icons are not used

2.0.1 – Dec/18/2015

  • [new] added setting to control position of seating chart, relative to seat selection form
  • [new] added settings to control zoom icons on the fronend

2.0.0 – Dec/16/2015

  • [new] seating now compatible with the GAMP extension
  • [new] all admin and frontend templates are now overridable in the theme
  • [improvement] seating ticket selection interface now respects button text customization settings
  • [improvement] adjusted default settings box position for the drawing interface, so that you can still hit the save button without moving the box
  • [improvement] ajax security vastly improved
  • [fix] repaired order item / cart item displays to show seat selected
  • [fix] fixed seating chart image ssl issues
  • [fix] fixed marquee tool drawing bug

1.2.18 – Nov/24/2015

  • [new] mobile now supports touch based zooming and panning
  • [improvement] added advanced caching that speeds up loading the seating and pricing in frontend and backend
  • [tweak] doubled zoom in and zoom out range
  • [fix] repaired non-js seat selection
  • [fix] repaired activation order bug
  • [remove] seating information no longer loads via ajax. it loads with the page

1.2.17 – Nov/16/2015

  • [new] ability to remove pricing structures from seating charts
  • [improvement] major save speed improvement for seating charts
  • [improvement] overall performance mods for frontend performance
  • [tweak] long lists of selected zones are truncated in the customized pricing screen
  • [tweak] corrected calendar capacity display on seated events
  • [fix] fixed issue where large seating charts could cause calendar to not load
  • [fix] fixed customized pricing so that now it shows in the admin seat selection screens

1.2.16 – Nov/13/2015

  • [tweak] code change to cover the edge case of a missing ticket for an event, which caused an error previously

1.2.15 – Nov/12/2015

  • [improvement] sped up pricing structure fetching
  • [improvement] added caching the pricing structure logic for repeat fetches
  • [tweak] changes to be compatible with woocommerce-cart-addons plugin

1.2.14 – Nov/10/2015

  • [tweak] changed logic to handle memcache object cache responses


  • [tweak] changed pricing option verbiage to be more concise


  • [improvement] another seating chart save speed improvement
  • [improvement] adding ‘loading’ overlay to seating image during pre-load
  • [fix] repairing ‘hide on frontend’ admin setting for non-circle shapes


  • [improvement] now internally caching zone information. improves page load performance
  • [improvement] loads only the core GA UI or seating UI, depending on type of event area. improves performance and reduces page load
  • [improvement] deferring all seating UI loading until after the page loads. big performance boost
  • [fix] repaired ‘hide on frontend’ admin tool and frontend functionality
  • [fix] repaired legacy GA events UI when seating is active


  • [tweak] zone save is now in smaller chunks for low powered dbs
  • [fix] fixed bug with ‘hide on frontend’ zone option setting


  • [new] added readme.txt for plugin description
  • [tweak] now accounting for weird payment situations


  • [fix] resolved bug where customer_ids were being set to 0 when admin users selected the seats


  • [tweak] code changes needed to integrate with the new seating report in OTCE


  • [tweak] integrated with the new advanced tools in OTCE


  • [new] WC feature "order again" now being handled
  • [fix] cart sync issues resolved


  • older changelog entries omitted