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Season & Flex Passes (Annual License)

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Product Description

The Season and Flex Passes Extension allows you to create products that when purchased gives a digital code. The largest usage of this is to create purchasable Season Passes, Flex Passes and Custom Coupons tied into your events.

  • Sell products that generate a digital code
  • Create coupons for one/some/all events with date range and usage limits
  • Add coupons directly to the orders in the admin
  • Flash sales tied to a particular event or set of events

Creative application of this Extension can help you pre-sell events and conduct flash sales that tie into your marketing.

For details on how these are used – see our video tutorials.


Note: OpenTickets Community, Enterprise and Extensions require WordPress and WooCommerce to operate. If you do not have a website with those open-source software packages, please Contact Us for hosted installation options.

2.3.2 Oct/17/2017

  • [fix] fix for WC3.2 admin order problems

2.3.1 Oct/11/2017

  • [fix] fix for WC3.2

2.3.0 Oct/11/2017

  • [new] replacement feature for removing a coupon from an order

2.2.1 Sept/08/2017

  • [fix] solves an issue where some fields on coupon products could not be saved

2.2.0 Aug/17/2017

  • [tweak] adding support to save coupon discounts upon order save
  • [fix] fixing the discount calculation for applying the coupon in the admin
  • [fix] fixing issues with coupon creation via products
  • [fix] solving issue where multiple events coult not be selected for coupon filters
  • [fix] solving issue where could not create new product
  • [fix] adjusting usage tallys May/02/2017

  • [tweak] adjusting admin add-order-coupon flow to allow any order of steps to trigger discounts

2.0.7 – Apr/25/2017

  • [tweak] adding changes needed to make compatible with WC3
  • [tweak] updating method of calculating new discounts when adding coupon in admin
  • [tweak] updating method of coupon validation on frontend

2.0.6 – Nov/10/2016

  • [new] helper text describing when event-based coupon discounts apply
  • [fix] repaired ‘remove limitation’ action in edit coupon screen
  • [fix] repaired ‘tally’ of coupon usage to be accurate
  • [fix] updated display of usage counts on ‘all X events’ lines

2.0.5 – June/16/2016

  • [fix] repaired auto calc-totals after adding coupon to order via the admin

2.0.4 – June/8/2016

  • [fix] repaired add coupon flow for the admin edit order screen

2.0.2 – March/31/2016

  • [tweak] updated admin ‘add coupon to order’ functionality for latest WC compatibility
  • [fix] repaired ‘purchased code’ section of completed order email

2.0.1 – Jan/21/2016

  • [new] code changes to be compatible with qTranslate

2.0.0 – Dec/16/2015

  • [new] now compatible with OTCE 2.0.0
  • [fix] repaired event search bug when setting up event limitation settings

0.9.6 – Dec/02/2015

  • [fix] repaired the script security syntax

0.9.5 – Dec/01/2015

  • [tweak] changed script security so that it is compatible with eAccelerator


  • [new] added readme.txt for plugin description


  • [tweak] minor changes to allow Windows Server compatibility


  • [fix] fixed admin js bug dealing with adding coupons to order in the admin


  • [tweak] using OTCE core modal instead of new modal system
  • [remove] deleted obsolete code that was previously deprecated
  • [fix] fixed some activation issues


  • older changelog entries omitted