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Advanced Reporting adds extended Sales, Event and Product sales reporting into your OpenTickets installation.

You will have, in addition to the Attendees report, Ticket Sales by Event, Ticket Sales by Date, Product Sales by Category and All Product Sales.

Each report has a ‘Download as CSV’ (so you can use your data in a spreadsheet or import to another program) and a ‘Print-friendly Option’.


Note: OpenTickets Community, Enterprise and Extensions require WordPress and WooCommerce to operate. If you do not have a website with those open-source software packages, please Contact Us for hosted installation options.





1.1.2 Dec/07/2017

  • [fix] repairing by-category report
  • [tweak] removed requirement that items in by-category report be tickets

1.1.1 May/30/2017

  • [tweak] adding filters for report mod
  • [fix] resolved infinite loop problem in by-event report

1.1.0 – Apr/25/2017

  • [tweak] converted select2 to use the new version
  • [tweak] tweaked code to use new WC3 functions and not use old WC2 functions
  • [tweak] leveraging new OTCE code
  • [tweak] updating to use new js libraries in WC3

1.0.2 – Aug/24/2016

  • [fix] repaired All Sales report, to report non-ticket sales also

1.0.1 – June/16/2016

  • [tweak] narrowed output of by event report to only the events you choose
  • [tweak] narrowed output of by date report to only the events you choose
  • [tweak] re-enabling the ‘all events’ option in both reports
  • [fix] repaired date selection on by event report
  • [fix] repaired issue where report form was getting removed from the DOM in some cases


  • [new] initial public release
  • [tweak] changed csv report column names


  • older changelog entries omitted


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