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Display Options (Annual License)

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Product Description

The Display Options Extension enables several ways to display your Events and the Tickets for sale on your WordPress website.

There is a Display Options video to show how it works.

Once installed, there is a new ‘Settings’ tab, called ‘Display Options’, which controls the various features.

You can:

  • allow events to show in the WooCommerce Shop experience, as if they were products
  • use a shortcode to display upcoming events
  • use a shortcode to display a featured event
  • use a widget to display upcoming events
  • use a widget to display a featured event

These can be access via the Add Media tab also to add options to any Page. The format can be either ‘list’ or ‘table’, with several options.

Here are some examples of shortcodes enabled with this Extension.

[upcoming-events format=”list” limit=”10″ parent_id=”1″ after=”now” before=”next year” show_image=”1″ date_format=”m-d-Y @ h:ia” time_format=”h:ia” meta=”date,price,availability” columns=”title,date,price,availability”]

[featured-event format=”list” id=”1,2,3″ show_image=”1″ date_format=”m-d-Y @ h:ia” time_format=”h:ia” meta=”date,price,availability”]


*OpenTickets Community, Enterprise and Extensions require WordPress and WooCommerce to operate. If you do not have a website with those open-source software packages, please Contact Us for hosted installation options.

2.3.1 – Oct/19/2017

  • [tweak] adjusting shop sorting and limiting, when showing events in shop

2.3.0 – Apr/25/2017

  • [tweak] complete retool of all functionality to work with WC3 changes. sigh

2.2.3 – Nov/28/2016

  • [fix] adding same patch as last time, only to all widget/shortcode templates

2.2.2 – Nov/23/2016

  • [fix] made a change that will prevent php error in some case on the upcomin events widget

2.2.1 11/07/2016

  • [new] adjusted templates to adopt new timestamp display calculations

2.2.0 – 09/13/2016

  • [fix] resolved issue with shop-based ticket reservations not going through
  • [fix] resolved modal issue for event selection

2.1.0 – June/16/2016

  • [new] added filter to the upcoming events default shortcode args
  • [new] added english translation template
  • [tweak] timestamp overhaul, so that local time is displayed
  • [tweak] made compatibile with pootlepress page builder
  • [tweak] changed default sort order on event search
  • [tweak] made it clear that the featured events event search was a search, not a browse, to cut down on confusion
  • [fix] repaired visual issue with the find events box results list
  • [fix] repaired issue with shop query that allows it to grab all events now
  • [fix] repaired image to event association during event search for shortcodes

2.0.3 – Feb/12/2016

  • [fix] error message display bug after plugin activation

2.0.2 – Jan/25/2016

  • [tweak] update price range detection and display
  • [tweak] added problematic event links to the ‘update data’ error message
  • [fix] fixed ‘update data’ functionality

2.0.1 – Jan/21/2016

  • [new] added qTranslate compatibility

2.0.0 – Dec/16/2015

  • [fix] default settings now take effect when used with OTCE 2+

1.1.6 – Dec/02/2015

  • [fix] repaired script security syntax

1.1.5 – Dev/01/2015

  • [tweak] changed script security so that it is compatible with eAccelerator

1.1.4 – Nov/18/2015

  • [tweak] fixing save on events that have EAs with large pricing matrixes


  • [fix] repairing widget declarations to not throw PHP errors on older PHP version


  • [new] added readme.txt for plugin description


  • [fix] corrected query that adds the events to the shop page


  • [fix] updated code to support new WC add to cart flow


  • [fix] fixed ajax function for fetching cart fragments


  • older changelog entries omitted