OpenTickets 2.0 Released!

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our OpenTickets 2.0 Community Edition and Extensions. This is a result of months of work and contains new features, performance improvements and improved compatibility.

There is no additional cost to current licensees! Your Annual License includes all software updates, so as long as you have a current license, these updates are available for free.

The ‘big picture’ is that there are performance improvements, new features and bug fixes for all OpenTickets products.

A big one is that Seating and GAMP are now cross-compatible with new ‘Event Types’. This means that you can use both Extensions in one website. This was the most requested feature in the last quarter.

VIP Hosting customers, we’ll be applying these to your ticket websites over the next couple days. If you are ‘self-hosted’, we recommend you either do your updates on a test/staging website or at least backup before updating. It’s just good policy!

Below is a short list of some the changes by software package. Enjoy!

2.0 Updates

OpenTickets Community Edition

  • improved accuracy of event availability calculations
  • improved upcoming tickets section of my-account page for accuracy and performance
  • improved the performance of the event settings bulk editor
  • improved accuracy of reservation to cart syncing
  • improved ticket display and checkin process, and added the ability to use multiple event area types for the displayed tickets
  • improved performance and usability of the admin ticket selection / ticket change process
  • improved pricing structure performance
  • event areas now have their own admin menu, instead of being part of the venues interface
  • changed structure of how event areas are handled, which allows multiple event area types to exist on the same install (ga, gamp and seating)
  • all frontend and admin UI elements are now overridable in the theme, via templates
  • performance & flexibility improvements to the template fetcher
  • completely revamped entire ticket display template. now the template is modular, and each module is overrideable in the theme
  • repairing edgecase purchase limit bug
  • added column to event-area list page that shows the type of event area
  • various javascript performance and usability improvements
  • fixed calendar availability bug
  • fixed ‘view all tickets’ link bug
  • fixed admin ticket selection modal visual display bugs


  • seating now compatible with GAMP
  • repaired order item / cart item displays to show seat selected
  • seating ticket selection interface now respects button text customization settings
  • adjusted default settings box position for the drawing interface, so that you can still hit the save button without moving the box
  • fixed seating chart image ssl issues
  • fixed marquee tool drawing bug


General Admission Multiple Price (GAMP)

  • improved all interface elements, and moved them all to overridable templates
  • improved performance of ticket selection process on front-end
  • improved admin ticket selection flow
  • improved performance of the pricing structure handler
  • now GAMP is compatible with seating
  • fixed edge-case extension activation bugs

Box Office and Coupons & Passes

Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes and 2.0 Community Compatibility.

What’s Next?

We’re now heads-down on our next Extensions which will be Advanced Reporting. Many people have been
requesting this and we’re launching as soon as possible.

Also, we’re going to be going to our Feature Backlog, which are suggestions from customers and our internal team and planning our next Features and Extensions for 2016.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you in the new year!