One Chart – Multiple Price Structures

To draw and name all of the seats you want to be able to sell in some larger venues can be a very time consuming process, especially if you are trying to be really neat overlaying them on the background image you are using!

Imagine having to do so for the layout below:


One of the great advantages of using our Seating Extension is that once the Seating Chart has been created and the seats named – you can create as many different Price Structures as you need to handle sales for any Event held there.

In our “Large Auditorium” chart we have already assigned the first such structure, using the naming convention of the initial letters of the Area followed by a number – hence LA001.


As you can see – this structure contains but a single $25 ticket.

Let’s assume that you will be having an Event in this same performance space – but need to be able to charge $45 for each ticket. This is very easily done.

Within the “Price Structures” box click on the plus sign – and assign a name containing the next number in your sequence – LA002.


Then assign the $45 ticket to the new structure:


Should you wish to have multiple ticket types available for an Event (such as separate ones for adults and children) – these can easily be added to the structure.

As was explained in the Blog Post entitled Setting Differential Pricing for Seats – if you need to override the default ticket (or tickets) assigned in any named Price Structure, this can be done using the Customize Pricing tool we provide.

In this way you can see that once a complex Seating Chart has been built – setting the variable pricing and tickets is a very straightforward thing to do.