Improving the Customer Experience with Seating

In the previous post we shared with you how easy it was to use our base OpenTickets Community Edition to sell tickets for simple events if you are say a church or other similar non-profit organization.

However – you may have a venue where you want to have assigned seating, and more than that – have your customers be able to select their OWN seats.

There are some ticketing systems that will show you a seating chart of the venue – but you cannot pick your seats, you simply select how many you want and IT chooses what seats it is going to give you.

Our Seating Extension is a fully functional Plugin that gives you total control over seat numbering and pricing, and furthermore allows visitors to your website to select the specific seats they want.

To illustrate this – I have constructed a demo-site that is putting on a performance of Macbeth that seats are available for.

Potential customers will start out on your Event Calendar Page (unless they also have our Display Options Extension installed….) as shown below.


Clicking on the Event they are interested in – the Macbeth on September 19th – they will see the Event details together with a chart of seats that are available (those already taken will be blanked out with grey shading):


At this point your customer can select whichever seats they would like to purchase that are still shown in blue.

Let’s suppose they clicked on A1 – this is what they would see, showing the three ticket prices you have previously set up as being available for this Event:


Having selected a price for the seat they chose – they will be presented with the following screen showing the seat has been held for them and is now unavailable to others unless they choose to release it. Meantime they can select any other seats they want – which can be regularly priced tickets – or those you have chosen to discount for seniors or children.


So you can see that the Seating Extension gives you a lot of control and flexibility over selling tickets to your event.

If you are a church or other bona-fide non-profit organization, remember that we offer discounted prices for Extensions like Seating.