GAMP – General Admission Multiple Pricing

Instructional Video

By default, OpenTickets Community Edition allows you to sell tickets to a specific Event which are all set at one price with one ticket available for them.

If you need to be able to sell tickets at different prices, and have multiple tickets types and prices available for a single Event – that is where our GAMP Extension plays a part.

Setting up Multiple Tickets prices for a single Event

First – you will need to create all the tickets you want to use, and set up the Event Venue as detailed on our Creating your first Event page details.

Then – with most Venue details set up:

  1. Click “Event Areas” in the left hand column, then “Add New“.
  2. Assign the Area a name, and check the option “General Admission Multi-Price“under “Event Area Type“, and assign the Area to a Venue you have already set up.
  3. Set the Capacity for the Area.
  4. Select an “Event Area Image” for this particular Area.
  5. In the ‘Price Structures‘ box below click on Add.
  6. Assign the structure a name  (note that this is for internal back-end use only, your customers never see this name).
  7. Drag whichever price tickets you need into this particular Pricing Structure, click “Done Editing” and then “Publish“.

 Setup your ‘Event’ with Multiple Prices:

First – set up the date(s) and time(s) of the Event(s) as detailed on our Creating your first Event page details.

Having selected one of more Events – within the Event Settings:

  1. On the right hand side of the list, some basic settings will appear. Adjust the settings accordingly.
    1. Status – indicates whether or not the Event has been published.
    2. Visibility – determines who can see the showing, and where it appears.
    3. Publish Date – is how you set WHEN a public Event will be shown on the Calendar.
    4. Purchase Limit – set the max number of tickets that can be purchased in a single transaction.
    5. Venue – the “Venue” in which the showing is taking place.
    6. Event Area – Select the Event Area you assigned Multiple Pricing to.
    7. Pricing Structure – select the specific Pricing Structure you want for this Event
  2. Click the blue ‘Publish‘ button in the upper right metabox