• 1.General
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    Why should I use OpenTickets?

    OpenTickets is an Online Event Management and Ticket Sales Platform. With an amazing feature set built upon open-source technologies, OpenTickets can help you grow your business and make selling tickets simpler and most cost-effective for you.


    Since you actually have access to the source code, you are able to make any changes you want to the system.


    OpenTickets is also one of the most cost-effective online ticketing systems in the industry. With no per-ticket or service fees, you can deliver a quality experience at a low operating cost.

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    What is a Plugin?

    A plugin is a bundle of code that can be installed on a WordPress site. You can think of it as an Add-on or Extension to WordPress.


    OpenTickets is written to be a simple plugin installation. When you install it, both WordPress and WooCommerce will be extended and several Widgets (used for public display) will be installed.

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    Can I use OpenTickets on my iPad, Tablet, iPhone or Android Phone?

    Yes, OpenTickets is compatible with all these devices.  You can remotely access OpenTickets to sell and purchase tickets, check your sales reports as well as check-in your attendees on the day of the Event.

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    How knowledegable in computers do I need to be in order to use OpenTickets?

    To operate OpenTickets to sell tickets and manage Events, as long as you can use a web browser and fill out a form, you should be fine.


    Of course, it is helpful to have used WordPress before, but that is not a requirement.

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    How quickly can I have Tickets for Sale to the Public after installing OpenTickets?

    This depends on the complexity of your setup.
    For example, if you are doing a General Admission event, you won’t need a seating chart. Therefore it is a quick process. Once you know the steps, adding a new event can be just a few minutes.


    However, if you need to make a Seating Chart for Zone or Reserved Seating, the time will depend on how many seats/zones you need to do. A 1200 seat theater with all Reserved Seating might take a couple hours, while the same theater with Zone seating might only take 10 minutes.


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    Can I customize my event with OpenTickets?

    Yes with OpenTickets you can brand and customize your Event.


    You can also change the appearance of the Tickets themselves. They already automatically include your Event and Venue thumbnail on them, but if you want to further alter their appearance you have access to the code to make those changes.

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    How do I know what version of OpenTickets I'm using?

    To locate what version of OpenTickets you are using, go to 'Plugins' in the WordPress Dashboard.


    Under OpenTickets you will see the version you are currently running on your website.

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    How do my Attendees get their tickets?

    Your Attendees will receive an email with their purchase with their ticket links to View or Print their tickets.


    Depending on your own business rules, Customers can checkout as 'Guest' or with an Account. Most OpenTickets operators find that it is best to have Customers Register, since it provides extra features.


    Registered users have a My Account page. From this page they can edit their contact information, email and access all Orders and Tickets.

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    What kind of support can I expect to get with OpenTickets?

    We are dedicated to supporting our Customers. Community Edition users can access Support through the WordPress.org Community Edition Forums.


    Enterprise and Extensions Only
    All Enterprise and Extension Customers have access to our online Support Desk. Customers can open Support Tickets which are tracked and responded to by our Support Team.


    Depending on your Support Package you purchased with your License, you may have Phone Support as well.

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    Is OpenTickets WordPress Multisite Compatible?

    No. OpenTickets is only meant for single WordPress installations.

  • 2.Enterprise Edition
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    How do I keep track of Ticket Sales?

    OpenTickets provides options to View and/or Download Reports for Sales, Seating along with various other features.

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    How do I keep track of my Attendees?

    You can track your Attendees using OpenTickets Seating Report. You also have the option to view your Wait-List within this report as well.


    There are also Print and Download versions to take any Event's Seating Report 'to go'.

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    What are the server requirements?

    The server that hosts your site needs to be able to run both Wordpress and the WooCommerce plugin, details of which can be found at:


    Wordpress General Requirements


    Additionally - if you are running our classic OpenTickets Enterprise Edition and not our Enterprise Bundle - you will need PHP to be at:


    5.3.0 or above......


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    Who was the Enterprise Edition created for?

    The Enterprise Edition was created for those who need a complete and powerful suite of facilities in order to promote, sell and manage ticket sales for events.


    This includes those that need to be able to create complex seating charts with very granular control over individual or group pricing.

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    What is the Enterprise Bundle?

    The Enterprise Bundle consists of the base OpenTickets Community Edition plus all of the optional Extensions to it that we have released.



    This currently comprises:


    • GAMP (General Admission Multiple Pricing)
    • Seating
    • Virtual Box Office
    • Coupons and Passes

    There are two additional Extensions we are working on which will also be included:


    • People (this allows you to showcase specific individuals such as actors and their Events)
    • Advanced Reporting

    Should any new Extensions be written - you would get these as soon as they are released.

  • 3.Community Edition
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    What are the server requirements?

    The server that hosts your site needs to be able to run both Wordpress and the WooCommerce plugin, details of which can be found at:


    Wordpress General Requirements


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    Who was the Community Edition created for?

    Our base Community Edition was created for anyone or any organization that has a need to sell tickets for an event.


    Using it with one of the default Payment Gateways that WooCommerce makes available - such as Paypal - you can have a site up and running in a very short time, ready to sell single price tickets for events that require no special seating.


    This makes it especially useful for charitable organizations and churches, festivals where single price tickets are sold, music venues and event organizers who need to sell tickets and track their sales.


    Should you have requirements that go beyond those provided by our our base Community Edition - please be sure to check the section on "Community Edition Extensions".

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    Does Community Edition work well for Non-Profits?

    Community Edition was developed with Non-Profits very much in mind.


    If you are say a small church that wants to be able to sell tickets for an Event:


    You have a single space (like your church's Sanctuary) that you are holding an Event in, where there is no assigned seating and a single price for the tickets - then OpenTickets provides an ideal solution for you.

  • 4.Community Edition Extensions
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    Why might I need GAMP?

    GAMP (General Admission Multiple Pricing) gives you much more flexibility when setting prices for tickets at the Events you create.


    By default - each Event has only a single price associated with it, but this may not give you exactly what you need.


    GAMP allows you to have multiple price tickets for any single Event.


    It also allows you to set different prices for the same Event on different days or at different times. This would for example allow you to set Matinee prices for an Event in the afternoon while retaining the regular price in the evening.


    For further details on exactly how GAMP works and what it can provide - please see our Videos Page

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    What does the Seating Extension Provide Me?

    By default with OpenTickets Community Edition, you can sell tickets to Events held in a single space. That space can be whatever size you need - but there are no assigned seats or places.


    Our Seating Extension is a very powerful add-on that allows you to have fully assigned and managed seating or place assignment. It not only allows you to sell individual seats for any Event - but it can also be used for assigning individual places around a table.


    It comes with a series of productivity tools that allow you very quickly to draw seats over the image of a chart - which can be either the seating plan for a theater or other such space, or the table layout for a dinner or conference if that is what you need.


    Seats can be priced within a group or individually, and you can even set differential pricing for different Events and use premium pricing for rows that are near the front.


    The image below shows an example of what your customers' view of an Event you are selling looks like on your website:





    For more details on how the Seating Extension works - please see our Videos Page

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    How can the Box Office Extension help me?

    By default - customers who wish to buy tickets for any of your Events must do so online via a page on your website.


    The Box Office Extension allows you to sell tickets and take payments in a physical location from customers in person. Additionally, it creates two new payment types within WooCommerce that allow you to accept cash or personal checks for such purchases.


    A detailed audit trail is kept so that any such purchases can be fully tracked and assigned to the box office agent making the sale.




    To see how this Extension is set up and works, please see our Videos Page

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    What does your Coupons Extension give me over WooCommerce Coupons?

    The default installation of WooCommerce does provide a Coupon facility - but unfortunately such coupons are tied to Products.


    This would mean that if you wanted to use them in conjunction with OpenTickets Community Edition - discounts you assigned would be attached to specific ticket prices rather than an Event.


    Our Coupons Extension allows you to offer coupon discounts for specific Events, and beyond this for specific Events on specific days.


    It also allows you to create Season Passes should you want to make them available.


    For more details on how to use the Coupons Extension - please see our Videos Page

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    What value does the Display Options Extension provide?

    By default if you are using our OpenTickets Community Edition as your base - Events can only be viewed and their tickets purchased by first going to the Event Calendar.


    Display Options provides the ability to showcase Events on regular Wordpress Pages, or have them displayed within the regular Widget space - and tickets for them can be purchased from there rather than the calendar.


    For more details on how the Extension works - please see our Video Page