Display Options

New Display Options for Events

 Display Options

By default, when your customers come to your website to buy tickets – they have to first select their Events from the Event Calendar.

Our Display Options Extension allows Events to be displayed either as part of your standard Widget sidebar – or on any page you create.

Using Widgets

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard click on Appearance / Widgets.
  2. The widgets added within this Extension are “Featured Event” – which can showcase one of more specific Events, or “Upcoming Events” which will showcase all Events that are running within a particular date range.
  3. For featured events – drag the “Featured Event” widget into the widget column. You now have the ability to set:
    – The section title
    – Whether to show the Event’s Featured Image
    – What format you’d like the date and time displayed in
    – What specific data fields associated with the Event you’d like to show.
  4. The most important thing to do is to select the Event(s) you want to showcase by clicking on the “Add Events” button.
  5. A box will pop up showing all of your Events – from this list select those you want to feature. Your screen will end up looking like this:DO-Widget1
  6. When all details are complete – click “Save
  7. To add upcoming Events to your widget area – drag the “Upcoming Events” widget into the “Widget Area“.
  8. As with featured events – you have the ability to set how you want the details to appear (as described above in 3).
  9. The main control you have with this particular widget is the ability to set the number of upcoming Events you wish to display. Your resulting screen will look like this:
  10. When all details are complete – click “Save“.


Using Pages

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard click on the page you would like to be able to display Events upon.
  2. How Events are displayed is controlled by Shortcodes that you insert onto the page. Over time you may get to know how to use them natively – but until then there is a built-in ‘wizard’ that helps generate them.
  3. To add featured events – click on the button marked “Add Media” – in the left hand panel of the screen that appears you will be able to select “OpenTickets Shortcodes”.DO-Shortcodes1
  4. You must first select whether you want to generate the Shortcode for a Featured Event or Upcoming Events.
  5. The other options you choose are the same as detailed above in the section describing widgets. Your final screen may look like this:DO-Shortcodes2
  6. When all details are complete – click the “Insert Shortcode” button to add the needed Shortcode to your page.

Making Events Available for sale on your WooCommerce  Shop Page

Instructional Video

A number of clients who had been familiar with selling products using WooCommerce have asked if it is possible to sell tickets to Events from the standard WooCommerce Shop Page. This is one of the new features built into our Display Options Extension.

From the left-hand panel in your WordPress Dashboard click on OpenTickets / Settings.

On the next screen select the Display Options Tab.

Check the box marked “Show Events in Shop” – this will display all the Events you have created on the WooCommerce Shop Page.

You will probably also want to check the box labeled “Hide Past Events – Shop” in order to prevent old Events whose date has passed from being displayed.


Once you have done – simply click “Save Changes” – and you are set.