Creating an Event with Adult and Child Tickets

When putting on your Events that you need to sell tickets for, there may be occasions when you would like to offer them at reduced prices for children.

When using our GAMP or our  Seating Extension this is very easy to do.

In the case of GAMP – where you are selling general admission tickets at different prices, all you need to do is create a new “Price Structure” with tickets you need assigned to them.

First – Edit the Event Area you will be using – in this case “Performance Hall (M)”.


Within the Price Structures block click on the “Add” button, assign it an appropriate name and drag the tickets you want to use into the box on the left hand side and click “Done Editing”.


When Creating your Event – remember to assign this particular Price Structure name.



When customers go to the sale page for that Event – they will see the two ticket types available.


If you are using Seating – within the chart you want to use on the right hand side towards the bottom click  the plus sign within the “Price Structures” box.


Assign the new structure an appropriate name, and then add in the two tickets you require, and click “Update”.


Again – when creating your Event ensure that you use this Price Structure with your Seating Chart.


When your customers select a seat of the Event – they will see the two ticket types available.