Creating a Season Pass with Coupons Extension

One thing that a lot of theaters and other performance venues sometimes want to do is to make available a Pass, that would grant entry to a number of different  performances during the course of a season – our Coupons Extension gives you a lot of flexibility in how this is set up

For the purposes of this post – lets assume we are a theater that is going to show several performances of three different Shakespeare plays over the next three months:

The Tempest
King Lear

A Season Pass is going to be a “Product” that is sold to your customers on your site’s “Shop” page, so the first thing you will need to do is to in your WordPress Dashboard is to go to Products / Add Product

Set the name of the coupon  – “Season Pass“, check the box marked “Create Coupon:“, set up a price for it and assign a Product Image


Next – click on the link marked “Coupon” at the bottom of the list on the left hand side of the screen to set its attributes

Within the “General” tab – leave the settings that govern how the coupon code will be generated at their default values unless you really feel the need to change them

For the “Discount type” – select “Cart % Discount” and for the “Coupon amount” below enter 100 – to give the coupon user a completely free ticket

If it is a pass for the current season – then you will probably want to set an expiry date for its use, in this case the end of calendar year 2105 by entering 2015 eoy in the “Expiry date formula” field


Next from the horizontal list select the “Usage Limits” tab

As this pass will allow entry to one performance of each play – set the usage limit per coupon to be 3


Next select the Event Limits tab

You first need to specify the events that the pass is going to be valid for

In the “Only Specific Events” field click in the box marked “Search for an event ….”

In the resulting box enter the first two characters from each play – ‘ma” for Macbeth “th” for The Tempest and “ki” for King Lear

In the case of the first one – when details for Macbeth events are show – select the one marked “All Macbeth Events”

In the space to the right of this selected value, click again and repeat the process for The Tempest and Macbeth until you have the following screen:


Next – we need to add a check that ensures for each play the pass can only be used once

Click on the button marked “Add Limitation“, and search for the first of the three plays as you did above

To add each additional play – click on the “Add Limitation” button and repeat the process until you have a screen like the one below, with the “Max Qty” for each event set to 1


This completes the Season Pass Coupon setup and you can click the blue “Publish” button

This Season Pass will then show up as an available product for sale on whatever page you have setup for your “Shop

(WooCommerce / Settings / Checkout / Checkout Options / Checkout Pages)

A Customer visiting your Shop Page would see it available as:


When they purchase this, and the transaction is complete they will be sent an email that looks like this containing the coupon code they will need to use when purchasing tickets


Having received the Code – the customer then selects an Event to use it with, and having selected 1 ticket and adding it to their cart – when viewing the contents there will be a field in which they can enter the Season Pass code they were emailed and click “Apply Coupon


They will then see that they have received a discount equal to the value of the ticket that they are purchasing, making it completely free for them


In the next post we’ll show you how you can use the Coupon Extension to create a Flex-Pass