Creating a Private Event

Although most of the time you will be selling tickets to Events on your site that are fully open to all members of the public, there may be times when you’d like to restrict availability to certain people – or hide it altogether from your Event Calendar

This is a facility  built into the base version of OpenTickets Community Edition, and is managed via the “Visibility” setting

Within the Add New Event screen – once you have assigned a date and time to an Event, and it has been added, scroll down below the Calendar where you will see its grey box that you can click on to adjust the settings

With Privacy expanded – this is what you will see:


In the example above we will be making the Event private by assigning it a password, clicking OK and then ensuring all the other settings needed are in place

When the Event has been Published – everyone will see it on your Event Calendar


However – when they click on it, they will be informed that this is a password protected event, and invited to enter it


Once the correct password has been entered, they will be able to purchase tickets in the normal way

Should you choose to use this method – you might want to make it clear in the Event title that this is a private event in order not to upset regular (or potential future) customers by making it look like a public event


An alternate method of creating a private event is by completely hiding it from public view on your Event Calendar

Again – this is done by means of the Visibility setting


This time simply check the “Hidden” option and click OK

Once the page has been published – make a note of the URL as shown in the permalink field under the Event Title – eg

To obtain the specific URL for this event – you will need to add the date and start time

This particular event is on October 24 -so for the date part we would need to add 2015_10_24

The event’s start time is 7pm – so for the time part we would need to add _700pm

This means that the resulting URL you would need to pass to your potential customers for the event is:

Another way of getting the URL would be to temporarily change the Visibility to Public and Publish

Click on it in the Event Calendar
Copy the URL
Set Visibility back to Hidden and Update

Now if you bring up the Event Calendar – the performance of The Tempest on October 24th is not shown


After sending the specific Event URL to those you want to be able to purchase tickets – if they enter this in their browser, they will see details of the event, and be able to buy their tickets


The third way you can create a private event is so set it to be Private within the Visibility settings


In doing this – the event will not appear on your Event Calendar – and the only people who will be able to see it and purchase tickets are those logged on to the site as WordPress Editors or Administrators