Creating a Flex-Pass with the Coupons Extension

In the last post we showed you how you could use our Coupons Extension to set up a Season Pass – where the customer would gain free entry with that pass to one performance of each play

Today we’re going to share with you how it can be used to create what we’re calling a “Flex Pass”

What this would give the customer is a pass that gave a fixed number of tickets to any performance of any play

For example – if the pass gave access to say 5 tickets, these could be used to purchase 5 tickets for a single performance, one ticket for each of 6 different performances – or any other combination they care to use it for

Like a Season Pass – a Flex Pass is going to be a “Product” that is sold to your customers on your site’s “Shop” page, so the first thing you will need to do is to in your WordPress Dashboard is to go to Products / Add Product

Set the name of the coupon  – “Flex Pass“, check the box marked “Create Coupon:“, set up a price for it and assign a Product Image


Next – click on the link marked “Coupon” at the bottom of the list on the left hand side of the screen to set its attributes

Within the “General” tab – leave the settings that govern how the coupon code will be generated at their default values unless you really feel the need to change them

For the “Discount type” – select “Cart % Discount” and for the “Coupon amount” below enter 100 – to give the coupon user a completely free ticket

If it is a pass for the current season – then you will probably want to set an expiry date for its use, in this case the end of calendar year 2105 by entering 2015 eoy in the “Expiry date formula” field


Next from the horizontal list select the “Usage Limits” tab

For particular this pass we are going to set the number of times that it can be used to 5


As we will be allowing the customer to purchase 5 tickets to anything they want, we don’t need to set anything within “Event Limits”, and can simply go ahead and “Publish” the Coupon