Creating a Featured Event Page

By default with OpenTickets – your customers have to select the Event they are interested in from your Event Calendar, however by using our Display Options Extension you have many more choices of where to sell tickets from

Amongst these are the creation of a “Featured Event” page that you can make available on your site via a link or menu option

The first thing you are going to need to do is Add a New Page – and then click on the “Add Media” button


Next click on the “OpenTickets Shortcodes” link in the left hand pane


The screen you see next allows you to select exactly what is displayed, and insert a Shortcode on the page that will end up displaying the details


In this case as we are creating a Featured Image page – we will leave shortcode setting as “featured-event

List Style” is the only Display Layout available for this

The main thing we are going to need to set is WHAT Event we want to feature – by clicking the “Add Events” button

We can feature just one Event – or several, in this example we are just going to feature the performance of The Tempest on November 28th


In the fields below this you can opt to have the Event Featured Image shown on the page, select the date and time formats, and also the details that will be displayed – in this case we’ll set this  to the Event Date and Price


Having set all the details you can then click the “Insert Shortcode” button at the bottom right


This will result in the appropriate shortcode being inserted on your page


Then all you need to do is to Publish the page – and you are ready to go

Create the links to the page – either from another page or your site menu, and when customers click the link to go to that page – this is what they will see: