Discount Coupons for Events

Instructional Video

WooCommerce – which OpenTickets is layered on top of – already has a coupons facility built into it, but unfortunately their coupons are associated with Products. As you know – the “products” we use in OpenTickets are the tickets to Events rather than the Events themselves, and oftentimes we will be using the same price ticket for very different Events.

Our Coupon Extension builds on top of what WooCommerce already provides, and allows you to offer coupon discounts for specific Events.

For details on how to use the coupon settings that WooCommerce already provides – please go to their webpage about this. This will explain how to set the General Settings for the Coupon, as well as Usage Restrictions and Usage Limits.

Coupons are managed by clicking on WooCommerce / Coupons in the left hand navigation pane of your WordPress Dashboard.  When you click on the “Add Coupon” button, you will notice an additional setting at the bottom of the list for “Event Limits” that our Coupon Extension has added.

  1. Use the existing WooCommerce settings to set the level and type of discount, any general usage restrictions and limits.
  2. To have this coupon apply to specific Events only – select the “Event Limits” tab. This will allow you to restrict the coupon to specific Events, and to limit the number of such coupons that can be used.
  3. In the box marked “Only Specific Events” enter the first 2 characters of the one you want to create a discount for, then select it from the list that appears.
  4. To have the coupon only be valid for certain dates that the Event in question is held on – use the “Events After” and “Events Before” boxes.
  5. If you want to limit the number of such coupons that can be used for the Event – click on the “Add Limitation” button.
    – Enter the first 2 characters of the Event, and select from the list that appears.
    – In the “Max Qty” box, set the number of coupons you will allow to be used for this Event.

Having created the coupon you should run test scenarios to ensure that your settings work as you want them to.