Church Wanting to Sell Tickets to an Event?

If so – OpenTickets Community Edition could have been written for you…..

If you are holding Events in a space where there will only be:

– A Single Ticket Price
– For an Event in a single space
– You are happy to use Paypal, or checks by mail to accept payment

… then our base OpenTickets Community Edition will work for you ‘Out-Of-The-Box’….

Let’s suppose I was creating an Event called ‘Fundraiser‘ at my church – where the tickets were $25 each.

Here’s how you can set this up……

Setting Up The Event in OpenTickets

First, make sure that WooCommerce is set up to accepts checks in the mail and payments via a Paypal account (WooCommerce / Settings / Checkout).

With OpenTickets Community Edition installed – first create the ticket you want to use …

WooCommerce / Products / Add Product

Name it “Fundraiser Ticket“, check the box marked “Ticket:” in Product Data, assign the price of $25 and assign a Product Image for the ticket – and click “Publish“.


Next – you need to set up the Venue – presumably your church. In the example below I am using details of my own church to illustrate how this works.

Click on Venues / Add Venue

Enter the name of your church as the Venue name – and its address in the appropriate fields.
Entering the address will help those buying tickets as it will result in a map showing the Venue’s location on their tickets.


Next – you need to set up the Event Area – in this case the church sanctuary where the fundraiser will be taking place.

Within the Event Areas metabox – click “Add“.

First select the image you would like associated with this Area by clicking on “Select Image“, and assigning the one you’d like to use, assign a name to the Area and set its Capacity (the maximum number of tickets you will be selling). Ensure that the Ticket Price you want to use is shown in the “Available Pricing” box, and click “Save“.


Next on the right hand side of the page click on “Set Featured Image” link to select an image for the Venue. In this case I have used the church’s logo.


Once this has been done you can click “Publish“.

Next you need to set up the Event itself – so click on Events / Add Event.

Enter the name of the Event – in this case “Fundraiser“.

Click “New Event Date” and enter the date and start and end times of your fundraiser, and click “Add to Calendar“.


With the Event added to the Calendar – scroll down until you see it displayed below – and click on it to bring up its Settings.


Set the Status to “Published
Set the Venue to the one you created above
Set the Area to that you created within the Venue


Scroll down and at the bottom right-hand side of the screen select the Featured Image you would like to use for this Event, and click Publish.

The Fundraising Event has now been set up and you are ready to sell tickets for it!


What your Customers See

The folks who want to buy tickets to your Event will first go to the Event Calendar (that you make available via a Menu link), and navigate to the month the Event is taking place in.


They then click on the Event they want to buy tickets to – and are taken to a screen where its details are displayed:


They then select the number of tickets they want to buy, and click “RESERVE“.

This will then be reflected in the details that appear below:


They then click on “Proceed to Cart” and see the following screen


After clicking on “Proceed to Checkout” they see the Billing Details Screen



Then they get to select the Payment Method they want to use – if Paypal, order confirmation and completion are taken care of automatically by Paypal. If they select the option to mail you a check – when that is received and clears in your account you can go into WooCommerce / Orders and mark the order Complete.


As soon as the order is placed – the Admin Contact email for the site as defined within the WordPress Settings will get an email informing them that an order has been placed. It will look like this:


If the Customer has elected to mail you a check – they will get an email confirming their order, and giving details of WHERE that check should be sent:


Once payment has been received, or if they have used Paypal – they will get an email saying there order is complete, with a link to a webpage displaying their ticket(s) which they can either print or download as a PDF.


The Ticket they see looks like this. They can print it there and then or elect to download it as a PDF.