Adult and Child Tickets with GAMP

Using our base OpenTickets Community Edition “out-of-the-box” you can easily sell tickets to any Event you hold – provided you only have one ticket price

For those who need multiple tickets available for a single Event – Our GAMP (General Admission Multiple Pricing) Extension is available

Consider the simple need to have both adult and child tickets available for performances of Macbeth that you are putting on

Having created the two tickets you need as WooCommerce Products:


…. you need to create the variable pricing structure within the AREA definition of the Venue you are working with

In the Venue editing screen – add a new “Event Area


Set the Area Featured Image, assign its name and capacity:


Next click on “Add” within “Price Structures” to create a structure containing both of the tickets you want to be available and assign the internal name you want to use for it (this will not be visible to your customers)

Click the pencil icon adjacent to it to edit its properties


Drag the available tickets you want to use shown in the right hand box into the one on the left headed “Use these Prices“, click “Done Editing” and then “Save” and Publish or Update the Venue


Next Create your Event – and within its Properties make sure you set the Pricing Structure that you created in the step above


When your customers click on the Event in the Calendar – they will be offered the two ticket prices you associated with it